How to Contact Us
the farmer's cell or text: 864-353-0593

Our Farm
Harrell Farm Flowers is a small flower farm located in historic Abbeville County near Due West, SC.

Currently we provide cut flowers for the local market. In 2019 we plan to grow the following flowers:
Sunflower, Celosia, Gomphrena, Anemone coronaria, Ranunculus, Lisianthus, Matricaria, Craspedia, Verbena bonariensis, Yarrow,
Salvia, Echinacea, Cynoglossum, Eucalyptus, Calendula, Dianthus barbatus, Snapdragon, Stock.

How We Grow
Our flowers are grown right here on the farm using organic methods and in a manner consistent with the way God nurtures the
earth. We never use synthetic chemicals. The biology in our soil is our greatest resource, and all our growing beds are amended with
cover crop residues, rock minerals, fish fertilizers, and chicken manure where needed. Consequently, we are blessed with an
abundance of earthworms and active, happy soil microbes that give us the fertility necessary to grow beautiful flowers.

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