Iron Clay Peas cover crop. One of our favorites for adding organic matter to the soil and for weed suppression. Hardly anything better than summer tomatoes! Our new greenhouse used primarily for starting transplants. Crimson clover cover crop for weed suppression and feeding the soil microbes! Fall planted rye grass to protect the soil over winter.
Flailing down summer Sorghum-Sudan grass cover crop. Lots of OM added! At the Greenwood Uptown Farmer's Market in early summer. Zinnias are one of our favorite cut flowers! Big mistake in 2018! Mulched our Anemone bed with hay that sprouted! Barn going up in 2011. That's Chuck and Trip on the ladders. Big help with the trusses!
Echinacea starting to open. Amazing Cosmos plant! Yellow Echinacea flower. Fresh Cut Flowers! January 2019: Ranunculus and Anemone plants in the low tunnel looking good!
Seedlings in Feb 2019 about ready for transplanting! More seedlings! More seedlings! Snapdragon and Stock seedlings! Anemone beginning to come up!
Anemone Galilee Pastel Mix ready to open. Anemone flower head opening Yarrow Colorado Mix seedlings Matricaria Vegmo Sunny Ball seedlings Dianthus Sweet White
Cynoglossum, Chinese Forget-Me-Not Snapdragon Chantilly seedling ready for planting. Feb 2019: Stock Quartet Red from JSS in the field! "Biscuit" the farm cat Feb 2019: Ranunculus La Belle beginning to bud.
March15 harvest! Mixed colors of anemone and ranunculus. Carol sorting and bunching ranunculus in March. Carol bunching flowers for market on a cool day in May. Pretty flowers! The cold room. We really like our new Coolbot thermostat!
June 2019 Another view of the flower garden - June 2019 Zinnia Benary Giant Wine Zinnia Benary Giant Mix, Lilac & Wine Celosia, Zinnia and Sunflowers! Must be summer!
Sunflower Arrangement Lisianthus Arrangement Zinnia and Sunflower Arrangement Amazing Zinnias! Celosia Cristata (Cockscomb)